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5 Tips For Cleaning Carpeted Stairs

Posted on January 18, 2023

Cleaning carpeted stairs can seem like a more daunting task than it is. There may be a few specific considerations, but for the most part, it is just about attentive cleaning. Still, it will pay to take some advice from a company that has been cleaning carpeted stairs for years. And if you still need help after reading this article, Zero Odor Carpet Cleaning in Rancho Santa Mar Margarita is here for you.

1. Stepping Backward 

You need to clean your stairs without stepping on the freshly cleaned fabric. The best way to go about this is to step backward. As you work, you step back on a carpeted step that you will clean next. It doesn’t matter if you are ascending or descending the stairs. You can do it backward, one step at a time.

Be sure that the steps are clear. Make sure there are no toys or objects on the stairs. You should also be aware of anything hanging over the banister (which you should keep at least one hand on while working). And if any of the steps are loose, take inventory of this before you begin walking backward while distracted.

2. Don’t Leave Anyone Stranded

You can ascend or descend a flight of stairs backward, but it is best to end on the ground floor. If you work backward and reach the top of the stairs with everything below you freshly cleaned, what happens if the doorbell rings? And don’t just think about yourself. Check that everyone upstairs is going to be comfortable there for a while.

Take it from a professional carpet cleaning technician: no one wants to be at the top of a staircase waiting for everything to dry. But even for lesser forms of cleaning, you want your carpeted stairs to look their best for the longest amount of time possible before someone needs to walk over them.

3. Vacuuming

The least you can do to contribute to the cleanliness of your carpeted stairs is to vacuum regularly. This is going to pick up the dry and hard materials that can end up getting crushed into finer particles. While they are larger, they are easier to clean because they do not bind as well to the carpet fabric.

With consistent vacuuming, you are going to need professional carpet cleaning in Rancho Santa Margarita less frequently. You are reducing the amount of debris lingering in and melding with your carpet, so it is going to stay clean longer, outside of there being an unexpected mess.

4. Steam Cleaning

Eventually, every carpet will be confronted by the need for steam cleaning services. This is no different for carpeted stairs. It is the next level of cleaning beyond vacuuming and will remove impurities that have become more deeply intertwined with the carpet fibers.

You can rent a steam cleaning machine and step backward, making sure you do not end up anywhere but on the ground floor. However, it can take a bit of practice and experience to get the most out of the machine. If you have any doubts about your ability to perform the cleaning, you can use a professional service.

5. Deep Cleaning

If vacuuming and steam cleaning do not remove a stain, then you will need deep cleaning. A deep cleaning, in the world of expert carpet cleaning, usually refers to a mix of spot treatment, deodorizing, and shampooing. This is not something you can do yourself. You will need to call carpeted stair cleaning when you need a deeper clean.

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