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How To Properly Clean A Bedroom

Posted on November 16, 2022

It’s easy for your home’s bedroom to get out of control fast. It can also be hard to figure out where to start when cleaning. Here’s a quick list of steps you can take to get it as clean as it can be. And if you need any help with the trickier cleaning, you can always use a Rancho Santa Margarita carpet cleaning company.

Take out the trash

Go around the room and find any trash on the ground, nightstands, bed, or anywhere else. Separate it into garbage and recycling, and gather it into two bags. Take those bags out of your room and properly dispose of them.

Clear clutter

Your room has likely become less and less organized over time. Put everything away in places you can still find and access easily. Group similar items together and keep everything neatly stacked and organized.

Pick up your clothes.

We’ve all had a small pile of dirty laundry accumulate in our rooms every now and then. If this is what your room looks like, organize all those unclean clothes in a hamper or laundry basket.

Do the dishes

If you’ve taken any food in your room, check that the dishes aren’t still sitting around. If they are, now’s a fantastic opportunity to take them to your Rancho Santa Margarita home’s kitchen and clean them. If you have a dishwasher, you can run it now while you finish cleaning your room.

Make your bed

Sleeping in your bed every night has really made it messy. Remove everything from your bed and vacuum your mattress if you have to. Remember to throw your sheets in the laundry before putting them back on your bed.

Do laundry

While washing your sheets, you can take the opportunity to wash those dirty clothes too. Clean clothes are part of a clean bedroom, so take care of this now if your laundry is really starting to add up.

Wipe surfaces

Get some disinfecting wipes and wipe down light switches, doorknobs, and any commonly used surfaces. Clean your windows until you can see all of Rancho Santa Margarita through them again. Wipe any other smooth, hard surfaces in your bedroom to clear them of grime.


If you’re experiencing allergy symptoms, your room may have gotten too dusty. Be sure to dust the tops of bookshelves, light fixtures, fans, and anywhere else you tend to not touch. Remember to start at the top before working your way down so that dust doesn’t fall on already-clean surfaces.

Vacuum, sweep, or mop

Clear the floors of your Rancho Santa Margarita bedroom of any and all grime. You’ve tracked in all kinds of dirt, crumbs, and other filth every time you walk in and out. Get that nastiness out of the way with sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming – whichever is appropriate for your floor type.

Call a Professional

You should have your carpets and mattress deep cleaned at least once a year. If it’s been a while since your last deep cleaning, you might want to consider calling a Rancho Santa Margarita cleaner sometime soon. Steam cleaning mattresses and cleaning carpets can do a lot for the cleanliness of your room.

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