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What Makes Carpet Cleaning Environmentally Friendly?

Posted on October 19, 2022

Even if you want a cleaner carpet, you might not want to dirty the environment. Luckily, Zero Odor Carpet Cleaning knows what it takes to provide eco-friendly cleaning services. You can get your living environment smelling and looking better without harming the greater environment. But how does green carpet cleaning work?

No Toxins

It is not technically correct to say that green carpet cleaning does not use chemicals because even water is a chemical. What you don’t want in your environmentally friendly carpet cleaning are toxic chemicals. Toxins are classified by their ability to cause negative health effects.

Negative health effects can be as subtle as rashes, sneezing, and coughing. But they can also be devastating carcinogens (causing cancer growth). So when you are cleaning your own carpets or having them cleaned by a Zero Odor carpet cleaning company, make sure they clearly state whether or not toxins and carcinogens are used.


One of the best ways to clean without specific chemical mixtures is to use heat. Before alcohol was widely understood to have sterilizing properties, heat was the go-to choice for cleaning. However, heat must be both extreme and focused, which can be a problem for some fabrics.

The trick with heat is to use it in a precise enough way to kill smaller bacteria and microbes without damaging the pile (assembly of carpet fibers). Though it takes a bit of skill and specialty carpet cleaning equipment to use heat effectively, there is no environmental impact as a result of this method.


The biggest help you can offer to heat is pressure. The intensity and exactness of a directed stream of pressurized steam that makes a steam cleaning machine remove stains and unwanted substances, and undesirable organic life (dust mites and fungi).

Pressure presents no threat to the environment. No matter how you spin it, there is no way that you can use pressure during rug cleaning to add to climate change. If you have an issue with the electricity being used to pressurize the air, there is always solar power.


There are certain instances where steam cleaning will not be enough to remove difficult or deeply set stains. In these cases, you may need to shampoo the carpet or use a spot cleaner. These cleaning agents will have chemicals in them that you should not consume.

However, even with these chemicals, their lingering effects can quickly dissipate as a result of evaporation. That means you simply keep the room open so that the air can cycle through while the carpet dries. Once dry, there is no longer any issue with the additional cleaning products.

Closing Word

If you contact a cleaner in Rancho Santa Margarita, they should provide you with at least the option for green cleaning. But Zero Odor uses environmentally sound cleaning processes as a default. There is no need to second guess or wonder about environmental impact when you use our carpet cleaning services.

Don’t let your cleaning contribute to the degradation of your natural habitat. Cleaning can keep everything clean, including the world you live in.

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